Transforming business through design & technology

Creating solutions that deliver distinctly better digital experiences for human beings.

Who We Are
Research & Design is a design and technology company. We believe in design as a way of thinking and problem-solving that can be applied to almost any challenge. Our expertise is centered around UX/UI and front-end development—leveraging technology and a human centered design approach to create beautiful digital interfaces with seamless usability.
We Are Driven by Our Values
Integrity & transparency
We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word.
We leverage collective genius, trust our team, put others first, and prioritize being accessible.
Never stop learning
We start by mastering the fundamentals and seek to never stop learning.
We strive to be good stewards of company and client resources, and put people above profit.
Great isn't good enough
We endeavor to outperform, innovate, be different and entrepreneurial.
Do what matters
We aim for balance, focusing on the priorities in life that really matter.
Research & Design Ventures
Research & Design invests our capabilities to help entrepreneurs and business leaders launch new ventures. We collaborate closely with our partners to quickly identify opportunities, develop solutions, and build the infrastructure required to launch new products, services and businesses into the market.
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Our Team

Imagine if you could access the best talent in design, or the best technologists or developers. Where would you go? How about everywhere? With a distributed team, we’re able to pull top talent without restrictions.

Our team is made up of remarkable people from across the United States. We have experts in strategy, design, and development as well as people passionate about emerging technology, innovation, and business.

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